CeBIT 2009: 3rd day - The Morning

I´m sitting in the train towards CeBIT fairgrounds at the moment. My anger totally disappeared when i´ve read this tweet written by cypromis. Thank you or the kudos, but we have many excellent people at the CeBIT booth. Just to name a few: Detlef Drewanz as my colleague at the OpenSolaris presentation pod. As i wrote on other occassion. Extremly competent about Solaris et al. Or Thorsten Lange from the OpenStorage part. He talks all day long about the future of storage. He is really on of the experts regarding storage and archiving at Sun. Or Michael Tievenow. He shows xVM at our booth… i´ve worked with him in a large implementation project for the N1 Service Provisioning System (yes, implemention not presales). Or Abdi Mohammadi, a Principal Field Technologist at Sun, he forgot more about large-scale LDAP implementation (really large scale, take the biggest implementation you know and add several magnitudes to it) and Sun software than i will ever know. Hinrich Tobaben … highly experienced Sun employee for several years now. When i started to work for Sun in 2001, he was already longer at Sun than i´m today. Or Ingo Frobenius … technical marketing done right. And there are more colleagues with such a deep technical background at the CeBIT booth. I assume, this is the reason why we get such positive comments from customers and partners. This must have been said … :) So … we just arrived in Hannover - Main Station. See you at CeBIT today and otherwise: Have a nice day :)