CeBIT 2009: 3rd day - The Evening

Pheeewww …. this day was really fscking hard. It´s 18:51 and i´ve just entered the IC towards Hannover. Towards Hannover? Well … i had a presentation in Braunschweig for a customer. So i have to drive back to Hannover now and from there i will board an ICE to Hamburg. ETA in Hamburg: 20:54. ETA for my home 21:15. ETA for my bed: 21:15:00:01. This day is over. Let´s call it a day. Detlef, I really hope that your remaining day alone at CeBIT OpenSolaris pod wasn´t too hard for you but i promised the presentation today a while ago. In the blog article of yesterday evening i´ve mentioned, that ZFS is still a major point of interest for the audience. I even recycled my “monday-tuesday - snapshot - wednesday - snapshot - delete monday - thursday - snapshot - friday - recover monday” ZFS pitch from two years ago … this pitch has still the “audience puzzled” effect. Perhaps i´ve lost the astonishment as i´m working on a daily basis with ZFS. Regarding to reaction of the customers Sun really seems to have an different way to staff the booth. Yes, there were already comments about you people in this blog, but at least three occasions some customers told me, that they were positively surprised about the deep knowledge of our people. One was really impressed, that there was someone able to explain the way how the update of the ZFS uberblock is done. Looks like most other booths are staffed with sales peoples. Otherwise i started to have a simple answer to people who wants to offload “There is a bug/a missing feature in Opensolaris”. It´s simply: It there an bug case or a RFE case in Opensolaris. We need them! 1 RfE of a customer is better than 3 yelling Sunnies. Another point: We have good knowledge about Solaris but we really don´t know how to help with every configuration and/or problem. Or as i tend to think (i do not allow me to say this aloud) “Hell, do not a zfs send sunsolve@today | zfs receive joergs/brain every morning”. We really like to help with every question you ask us, but don´t be too disappointed, when we can´t answer every question right at the booth! Jörn from, was at our booth today. A nice guy and he seems to know what he does the whole day! :) Met him the first time in real-life. Gregor aka Anfalas made a pass-by in the early morning, but i´ve met him before in Erlangen two times. Nevertheless nice to meet him again! Okay … It´s 19:33, the ICE rolls towards Hamburg, but the train crew announced a 9 minute delay at this very moment. I hope it stays this way.