At the GUUG Spring symposium

Given the start of the day, it had all ingredients needed for a horrible day. I was able to reach an urban train by running through the already closing door today. I was in the train after the door had closed behind me,, however but by laptop bag was outside of it. I’m really glad that the train driver saw this and unlocked the door again. Nevertheless my talk about Deduplication at the GUUG Spring symposium was much better than the tutorial on Wednesday. For interested parties you cane download the preso, but it’s just in german language and the voice track is missing. However i’ve learnt a thing today: At the last GUUG Spring Symposium in 2009 i’ve held a two day tutorial about less known solaris features. I got the usual CeBIT cold … the extra strong variant that put me out of order for almost two weeks. What i didn’t knew until today: The people considered to make bets when (not if) i would collapse in front of the class. My appearance must have been really horrible.