Stressful week

This will be a week with a lot of stress: Today completing two presentation. Tomorrow morning meeting in Hannover, then a customer meeting near hamburg at 14 o’clock. 19 o’clock HHOSUG presentation. On Wednesday meeting at 10 o’clock in Bremen, at 17 o’clock presentation in Berlin. Thursday meeting in Dresden, but because of strange airline pricing i won’t fly directly, i will fly via Düsseldorf. Don’t ask … i couldn’t believe it as well when the fares were displayed, this way it’s cheaper and i don’t have to wake up at 4:00 AM. Would be rather unamusing, when you get home at 23:00 the day before. But my CO2 balance will send me to hell. Friday … 13 o’clock last presentation of this week, but that one is already finalized, as i wanted to hold it last Friday. So … i may be possible that this week will be a rather quiet week in the blog.