I was in the mood for back-biting myself for the fact, that i tried to save some money for Sun. This meant: As there was no economy class seat in the plane from Dresde to Hamburg i had the opportunity to choose between Business Class (1h flight time) for hefty 400 Euros or the train in the second class for 48 Euros (5:50 ride time) After not really thinking a lot about it, i´ve choosed the later option. But after holding a presentation i thought a little bit different about sitting five hours in a train.(I´m not really sure if this is cheaper, as i´m at home at 20:00 pm instead of 17:30pm, but that´s a different question)ö But one fact made this a little bit better for me: Leipzig has a Starbucks now. It´s in a few minutes walking distance to the main station. So i was able to indulge my spleen: I was able gather my 16th Starbucks mug now ;)