Choosing a car

Well … i´m just back from visiting several car dealers. The leasing period for my current car is almost over. I asked my brother to help me with that. My knowledge about cars is reciprocal to my knowledge about computers. The car will be larger than my last one … i´ve saved some money by driving the one of the smallest possible company cars. Thus i have some more money to spend now. And even more positively: It´s a buyers market at the moment. So more bang for the bucks. At first i thought about buying a Skoda Superb, i´ve almost signed the contract … but my brother convinced me to visit a VW dealer before doing that. Now i have the problems of having a choice: Passat CC. An excellent looking car at a decent price point. But the Superb is a large amount of car for the price. It´s so hard to decide …. fsck. Thank you Florian … for making my decision more difficult ….