Vertical Multiteleconferencing

While writing the article about the UltraSPARC T1 on the train ride back to Hamburg yesterday afternoon, i had an idea for a solution to save large amount of time a day. I think, anybody knows the problem: You are in a conf call, anything was said, but not by everybody … or someone uses his slot in the “Misc.” session at the end in an abusive way to talk about the books he or she had read in the past or what people he or she had met. Or news from the last vacation. You know, that timewaisting stuff … But the solution is sooo simple: The teleconf selector and multiplexor. In every conference there is a person detecting a stalled teleconference. This state is reached, when someone talks but delivers no important information. Now you can simple switch to the unstalled telephone conferences and hear it. I think four or five telephone conferences in parallel is a good compromise … there is no danger, that there will be good informations in two of four conf calls at the same time. And even when there is this situation put one of the good informations in the GIB (good information buffer) for a delayed replay when there is no other good information.. This would really save much time.