Ouch …. this is something you call “uncontained engine failure”. This happened to an Qantas A380. TheAustralian has a series of pictures from this incident. Jet turbines are designed to to keep the debris of the engine in the engine casing. From there the debris stays in the engine or leaves it at the rear end. The engine casing is not the sheet of metal or composites you see from the aircraft window …. this is just the engine fairing for optical and aerodynamic purposes. Anyway: Engine parts punching holes in the wing is a really serious thing.
This looks like an engine problem … not a problem of the A380 itself. However i expect the media to write, this is a A380 problem. That said it gets interestings here. One of the recent reasons for the delays of the 787 was a uncontained engine failure of the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000. And the Trent 1000 is a derivate of the Trent 900. The Qantas A380 used this kind of engine (you can get two types of engines for the A380: The Trent and the GP7200, an engine made by the Engine Alliance) It’s much to early to speculate about the reasons. This will take a while to find out.