Security nonsense

Did you know that Snowglobes are dangerous? Before reading this blogentry at i didn’t knew it as well. What do they expect? That you throw those snow globes after the security personal like Joker threw his gas grenades after Batman? Snowglobes should be banned at all … but out of other reasons. They are just ugly ;) But i found an interesting thought in that article showing that this “No liquids” policy is just outright nonsense. Let’s assume that there are really explosive substances in the water bottles, gel tubes or similar stuff. Let’s assume they are not dangerous when you don’t mix them. Now you get to the security perimeter, your carry-on-luggage gets xrayed, they find a bottle. One of your options is to throw away the bottle. There are simple trash cans at the airport security to do so. You mix all the bottles in one can. Oh my god, all those trash cans at the security gateway are potential bombs. Expecting that those liquids may be explosive when mixed, i would ask a bomb squad to empty my trash can. Would you really use normal garbage procedure when you expect that they contain explosives? I wouldn’t use the normal garbage collection. At least in the usual german garbage truck the load is compressed at a regular schedule to save space in the truck. The bottles burst, the liquids are mixed at the bottom and according to the security logic you should have a puddle of explosives at the ground of your garbage truck. But: So far i never heard of an exploded garbage truck at it’s normal job because of liquid explosives .