Delamination dementi

There were some rumours last week about the delamination of the wings, albeit the Flightblogger was able to gather some other informations that this rumours was nonsense. But after almost 15 years in the computer business i´ve got a fine sensor for half-a… dementis. Ben Sandilands writes in Boeing avoids the ‘D’ word about a statement he was able to gather from Jon Ostrower (the flightblogger) which he got from Boeing:

Our tests continue to confirm that the composite construction of the 787, including the wing, is sound. The 787, like every commercial jetliner, is going through a rigorous series of tests to verify the safety and certificability of its structure, systems and operations. The FAA will review the results of this compliance activity prior to certifying the airplane for commercial use.

I don´t think, that´s a good dementi. I would like to hear “There is no delamination. Period.” instead of “When we get this plane through certification, you can be sure that there is no problems with the wings”