Airbus Auto Brake

Many people in flight communities say “Don´t compare your MS Flight Simulator experiences with real flying” and they are correct about that. But sometimes i have the strange feeling that modern aviation gets nearer to the Flight Simulator (as long the computers are functional). Flight Global writes about an interesting feature … the Brake-to-Vacate:

The BTV system shows pilots two lines on the electronic airport diagram on the A380's navigation display. The first line shows the minimum stopping distance for dry pavement (assuming no reverse thrust). The second line shows the minimum stopping distance for a wet runway. Pilots can then select their desired turn-off point on the display using a cursor, and the system internally computes the required auto-braking deceleration profile. Contaminated runway scenarios will be addressed in later versions of the programme, says Tarnowski.

The system even warns the pilot, if the remaining runway doesn´t suffice to stop the aircraft. The pilot can order an go-around in that case. At the moment this feature is integrated into the A380, but the article states, that this feature will go into the A320 and A330/340 as well.