Leaked Airbus "787 lessons learned" presentation

The flightblogger was able to publish an article in the “once-in-a-lifetime-scoop”-class. He was able to obtain a internal Airbus presentation,that leaked somehow. This presentation is named “Boeing 787 Lessons Learnt October 2008” and it´s based on informations and rumours from suppliers and openly available information. Some of the slides are based on Boeing presentations. This is the reason, why some people cry “Foul!” at the moment … but this kind of intelligence is quite normal in business (Sometimes all you need is to google for presentation to get very interesting informations about IBM newest FUD). But the important point is something different: The 787 programm seems to be in a horrible state according to this presentation. Just half of of it would be really bad from my perspective. Let´s wait and see, how Boeing reacts to this document. Update: Two sources near to the A380 program told me, that this presentation is a fake, albeit a good fake.