A380 too quiet

Okay, we all laughed about the comment of a Boeing guy who stated that the A380 is too quiet. But there seems to be an “too quiet” problem in this aircraft. There is a crew restroom in the A380 for long distance flights. Normally it´s located in the front of the aircraft, but in Emirates machines have this room in the back. The problem: They can´t sleep - the passengers are too loud and there are no engine noises to overlap the passengers.Flightglobal writes:

The pilots say that the lack of engine noise in the A380's cabin compared with other long-haul airliners means they are constantly disturbed by sounds created by passengers, such as crying babies, flushing vacuum toilets and call bells. Passengers also mistake the rest area for a lavatory, and pull the door handle.

(Thanks to Kris for the hint)