Airbus says Boeing strike was big help

Airbus says Boeing strike was big help:

"PARIS -- Airbus benefited from the recent strike by workers at The Boeing Co. as it gave stretched suppliers more time to focus on orders from the European jet maker, the company said Friday."

I assume the people at Boeing bite their back at the moment. The strike did not only postponed the delivery of all airplanes at Boeing. They even helped their biggest competitor. I assume the ongoing delays in the 787 Delayliner, 747-8 and 777F programs will help Airbus, too. Some suppliers stopped already the manufacturing for Boeing for some time. More time for them to work for Airbus. At the end many parts of an aircraft (either Boeing or Airbus) are from the same manufacturers. BTW: This is the the same reason, why “Buy american” or “Buy european” is nonsense. Building aircraft got an global business a long time ago …