More news about the Spanair crash

Relatively short after the crash there were rumours about deployed thrust reversers at one of the engines of the Spanair aircraft and shortly after this you were able to find a photo (login needed) of this engine at the usual discussion areas. Today two spanish newspaper reported according to Aviationweek and the german newssite (based on dpa) that the thrust reverser of one engine were found in the deployed position. Albeit this would explain some of the reported reactions of the plane, it´s much to early to draw any conclusions. The question is now: Were the reversers in this position before the crash or were they moved in this position by the crash. We have to wait for the final accident report … PS: Nevertheless this evoked memories to the LaudaAir 004 crash in me: Mid-air deployment of the reversers in 24,700 feet. Nobody in the aircraft survived the crash.