More 787 delays imminent?

The last three delays for the 787 were related to supply chain problems, now Boeing told the press that there are certification problems with the brake monitoring software as RedOrbit reports in: Boeing 787 Dreamliner Experiences Another Delay:

Shanahan, who has led the 787 program since October last year, said the latest hitch has been delays in getting the software in the 787's brake control system verified to meet stringent certification requirements. [...|"It's not that the brakes don't work, it's the traceability of the software," Shanahan said[...]He said that Crane had to go back and rewrite certain parts of the brake control software to verify it for the certification process.

My sources in the airline industry told me that the certification is the hardest part at building a plane and thus problem can haunt you for a while when you are not really cautious. In addition to that the damages part of the Dreamliner Four introduce further timing problems, as they have to rebuild that section completly. Well, i hope that Boeing is able to get rid of the problem. Another delay doesn´t really sound as beneficial for the company. They already sold near of a thousand airplanes and only a million dollars of additional contract fines per plane would cost them $1bn now.