iPhone missunderstood.

It´s a major miracle to me: When will the press understand, that the iPhone isn´t comparable to other mobile phones. All this shootouts like N95 or LG Prada vs. iPhone are utter nonsense, because they ignore the different characteristics inherent to this devices. When you look at this phones, even the so called “multi media” ones, it´s quite obivous: They are mobiles with kludged multimedia functionalities. Two of my brothers use SonyEricsson Phone and honestly: i prefer my old 2G iPod anytime although it´s black and white and has no video functionality. The iPhone is an multimedia device with an integrated mobile. You can´t compare both, as they are born from two different mindset. Different usability. On my Nokia i have to press a key eight times to delete a message. On iPhone: When i´m counted right, there are 3 on a iPhone. Different economical ecosystems with different approach to market. The iPhone is a lifestyle device …. an LG Prada is just a phone with a pimped case. The normal phone market lives on minutes, sooner or later the iPhone market will live from songs and videos. With iPhone you can even leverage something you need to sell songs otherwise. Music ringtones are mostly the best 30 seconds of a song, iTunes Store previews are …. mostly the best 30 seconds of a song. I hope you get the perspetive. The question for the future is: Internet, Multimedia and Communication will converge … period . But: What´s the right approach for the future ? A optical pimped and multimedia kludged mobile phone or an telephone that was designed as a convergence device right from the start. The time will tell. In my opinion, Apples approach will win and they has to fear only one competitor: The one, who do turn flips the view to multimedia phones in the same way as Apple.