11 Million

Just as two people already have asked: I try to restart a rather frequent blogging schedule … despite what i’ve said on January 2th. Why? Because i stumbled over this two days ago.

Together with the pageviews shown by stat counter (roughly 4,5 million) , i’m at over 11 million views . And despite what i assumed so far, the accesses dropped only slightly after July 2011. It’s not that much but it’s just to much to ignore it and let the blog stay dormant. However the stuff i will post from now on will have an increased focus, they will be just about Oracle stuff when it’s explaining technical Solaris or SPARC stuff, no competitive stuff, no comments about Oracle in general, nothing in that direction. Just Solaris and SPARC. Like showing how X509 works with SSH. I don’t have time for more. Okay, databases - when the topic has connections to Solaris -or Java - when the topic has connections to Solaris - perhaps . Or the article will be about IT in general. PS: Sorry, but 6.4 + 4.5 is obviously almost eleven ;) not ten as stated before here … numbers after the dot obviously matter as well ;) Moellenkamp, mental arithmetic … you get an F, sit down ;)