The fifth anniversary of

Oh heck … I almost missed the date. Five years ago, i´ve started this blog. celebrates it´s fifth birthday today. This year was a positive one for the blog. Vastly less technical problems than the year before where i had to reboot my server with a mobile phone from a vacation in London several times. Many new readers. And it´s still an interesting endeavour for me to write here. As i wrote last year, I really thought five years ago, that this blog would be one of my short-lived experiment. In the last year other services surrounding the blog started like the Twitter feeds for patches (for Solaris x86, Solaris SPARC or other Sun Products) or OpenSolaris code news. On the other side. It was a rough year and my assumption about the future of Sun wasn´t always correct. But error is human and i´ve learned a thing or two. Let´s wait what will happen in the next time. Some numbers for the last year: Up to 10.500 visits a day. This day was the 20th of April, 2009. There was an important announcement. 1,573 subscribers at the moment. I owe Local 5 coffees at Starbucks already and the sixth is imminent. Since the first pdf the “Less known Solaris Features” tutorial was downloaded 26454 times. 1.688.997 views. I added Pageviews via Google Analytics and Itemviews via Google Feedburner for this number. There is no Analytics counting in feeds and no feedburner item counting in analytics). 5895 comments and trackbacks. 5615 articles. The pageviews starting to get less in relation to the itemviews in terms of the numbers. It seems that many people stumbling over my blog subscribe the feed of it. The numbers of subscribers is vastly higher than i´ve expected one year ago. The numbers hide the most important part of this blog: My readers, or to name it: You. I would like to thank you for reading my blog. It was really fun to write for you and I hope you stay with me and my blog the next years. I´m planing at least 5 additional years of blogging, whatever the future may bring to the industry, Sun and me.