2.3 Million Pageviews

I´ve just processed all webserver logfiles for c0t0d0s0.org on my server with AWstats. I was a little bit surprised by the numbers: 2.3 million pageviews in this year so far (plus 2.9 million pageviews by robots and search engines). I think you have to substract 1.2 million pageviews from this numbers as they were accesses for comment.php. It´s safe to assume, that the largest amount of those requests were done by spammers. But 1.1 million pageviews is still impressive. But at the end: I´m still thinking Google Analytics or Statcounter is the more correct number. AWstats isn´t known to be an really precise tool for web analytics. But there is an important take-away in this numbers: Without spam-filtering and Akismet, the blog would look pretty much different … 1.2 million spam comments and trackbacks … i´m shuddering while thinking about this.