Partially open

Since the closure of the blog i got many many requests for giving content to people in form of an excerpt of the database. Even more. I got a significant numbers of angry mails. It seems that i was the best source for some things and thus the people were really angry about removing their source of information. I was somewhat astonished about the anger, however in absolute numbers it was significant but in relative numbers it was rather small. Nevertheless, i didn’t expected angry people. After thinking about the whole weekend i decided to put selected content back online instead of creating a pdf of the blog page and sending it to the people asking for content. As a side effect, it repairs a lot of links on Solaris related pages. However the reasons for my blog closure are still valid, the blog stays in this freezed state. Thus i decided to do this as a selective republication. Certain classes of documents will stay offline. In that regard i made the following decision, which content gets back into blog: Personal content on one side, work related technical content as long it’s related to Solaris on the other side.