The Zeros - a highly subjective list

I’ve made a short list of stuff that appeared in the Zeros.It’s highly subjective. Best Film: Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind
The best film of the Zeros was “Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind”. A romantic science fiction film. Strange, but made in a very intelligent manner. And you can see that Jim Carey isn’t just a comedian for dumb roles. When i had just the opportunity to rescue one movie from the Zeros, it would be this one. Worst Film: Star Wars II+III
Star Wars Episode I isn’t on this list out of a single reason. It came out 1999 and would have made it on this list at this place in 1999. I just didn’t blog in 1999. Forget this movies, they are just horrible. Most disappointing movie: Matrix Revolutions
Even after Matrix Reloaded i thought it was possible to give Matrix a real mindfuck end … an end worth to the first part. But at the end it wasn’t that way. While being nice eye candy, it wasn’t eye candy enough to forget that we all had better ends in mind. This trilogy was a victim of its fans, that had vastly more imagination than the writers of the story. Perhaps this is one of the cool things about the Zeros: In the 90ies you had ideas about a cool way to continue a story but that was it pretty much, in the Zeros it was easy to connect by the Internet to others to others to talk about those ideas. Perhaps writers learn to use this resource in the future. Best Album: Röyksopp - The Understanding
It’s perfect electronic pop. I’ve heard it really frequently, as this album was really important for me. When i have the just the opportunity to rescue one album of the Zeros, i would take this one with me. Worst Album: Jean-Michel Jarre - Téo&Téa
He pretty much defined electronic music together with Kraftwerk. Thus i don’t find any reasonable excuse for this piece of kermis electronic music. This is a good example, how someone who spearheaded a development in the 70ies and 80ies, gets lost on the way into the future. Best TV series: House MD
Only in the Zeros a big bad ass asshole could be the lead character of a TV show. In earlier years a sociopath could be just the antagonist to the lead actors. However, House … you are my idol! ;) Worst TV series: CSI Miami
It takes more to solve criminal cases in a TV show than just to put your sun glasses off and on and try to speak out the obvious in a “cool” manner. Just look to CSI LV or CSI NY. Both are much better series. The CSI franchise wouldn’t loose by canceling the Miami series. Most surprising TV series: Battlestar Galactica
Could have been a major disaster, but it turned out that this series was much better than the original one. Perhaps because there were more than 3 different explosion snippets and the Cylons looked much better. Most annoying decision in regard of a TV series: Canceling Enterprise
To end Star Trek Enterprise after just four seasons. Enterprise got a really cool series in the fourth season and then they stopped it. Best invention of the Zeros: The iPod
The iPod. Measured on it’s ubiquity and it’s impact to it’s industry the iPod is the most important device of the Zeros. Yes … i scratched my head about Steve Jobs “revolutionary device” at his announcement, too. Worst Invention of the Zeros: The bags at airport security screening
It’s not really about the bags, it’s about the fear we developed after 2001. We reinvented fear after 2001. It’s a much more powerful drug today, thus we get used to all this annoying stuff at airports and all this intrusions into our privacy. We have to learn to get a new understanding of risk: We put our liquids and gels into plastic bags. But smoking and alcohol and road traffic is still allowed, despite killing more people a year than every terrorist attack in the human history combined.